Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A tea stall

A tea stall is a common sight in our country. It is found in big cities, towns, bazaars, railway stations, bus stands and even in villages. It is a small shop. In a small there are few chairs, tables or benches. Prepared tea is sold here. Biscuits, cakes, bananas, loafs, betel leaf are also sold here. There is often a boy or two to serve the tea to the customers. The manager sits behind the cash box and collects the money from the customers. An ordinary tea stall is dirty. A kettle is always kept hot on the stove. A tea stall opens in the morning and closes at late night. A tea stall is popular place. People of different ages and classes come here. They take tea and talk with one another about different issue. They also talk about village politics, national and international politics and on current affairs. Sometimes customers raise a storm over a cup of tea. A tea stall is an important place of social gathering indeed.

Monday, May 28, 2012

A moonlit night

A moonlit night is one of the beautiful phenomena of nature. It occurs when the moon rises in the sky. The moon may be crescent or full, but it is beautiful in either form.We count six seasons in a year. In each season we see the moon for two fortnights with a break in between. But the moon in Autumn appears in its best.The autumnal moon beams its mellow light. The moon is gloss like a piece of glass. it looks beautiful in the blue autumnal sky. The sky in Autumn is clear. Here and there a few patches of white clouds float swiftly. The moon plays hide-and-seek with these bulging pieces of clouds. It is very pleasant to look at the sky at the time and to hear the night-birds play their sweet notes in the moonlit sky.The earth seems to be washed with moon-light. The groves and tarbours look beautiful. Their leaves and fawning look glossy with the light of the moon. The ground under the grove looks like a chess-board. It seems to be an art of light and shade. The moon reflects on the ponds and tanks. The blue water in them looks glossy. The lilies bloom in them. They bloom in three colours-white blue and red. Little children sit round their grandmamma to hear the fairy tales or the tales about the wizards.A moonlit night is nature's sweetest offer to mankind. It has a lasting effect the human minds. Even the grand old ladies remember their green youth when they sit alone in the moonlit night.

A Bus Stand

A Bus Stand
Buses carry people up and down the streets, roads and highways. They stop at different places of their stoppage are known as bus stands or bus stops. A busy bus stand remains crowded almost at all hours of the day. One bus comes in and another is about to depart. The hooting of horns the roars of engines and the obnoxious smell of smoke make the place very uncomfortable. At some bus stands, however there are sheds for passengers to wait. These sheds also accommodate snack-shops, tea-stalls and even shops of books, newspapers and magazines. Since bus journeys are getting more and more improve the general conditions in bus stands in the interest of the traveling public. 

A Good neighbour

A Good neighbour
Neighbours are those persons who live adjacent to us. Man is a social being. He can not live alone in the society. So he has to live with other neighbours in a particular place. A good neighbour is sociable, co-operative, frank and well behaved. He lives in perfect harmony and peace. His relation with other is always good. They stand by him in his weal and woe. He also stands by them in time of their need. When there arisen any dispute between to neighbours, the others come forward and settle it with mutual understanding. He always tries to maintain good terms with each other.

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