Saturday, July 21, 2012

Environment Pollution

Environment means the surroundings which is around us. There are many things which pollute the environment. Defunct garbage, carbon-di-oxide, carbon-mono-oxide of the engines, different kinds of chemical trash, toxic water and unbearable sound pollute the environment. Our environment is polluted in three ways: air pollution, water pollution and sound pollution. Air is polluted by different kinds of poisonous gases. Water is polluted by rotten trash and chemical elements. Sound id polluted when it is used beyond its capable power. Smoke pollutes air by melting pitch, emitting from motor vehicles. Mills and factories pollute water by throwing their industrial discharge into river, canal etc. Water can also be polluted by chemicals used for cultivation. City life is becoming ill and unhealthy by environment pollution. Environmental pollution is injurious because it affects human lives and human world very dangerously. If we want to stop pollution, we shall have to take some effective steps against it. Air, water and sound should be made free form all kinds of toxic things and misuse. Now is the best time to raise a slogan, “Save the environment, save the lives.”

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