Friday, August 3, 2012

If I Win A Lottery

Most of the people of the world get allured by the term ‘lottery’. And I am not an exception. Often I feel tempted to buy lottery tickets. I bought some lottery tickets last year but my luck did not favor me. Even then I like to buy lottery conducted by attracted by a banner which was an advertisement of lottery conducted by Sandhani. So I want to the nearby bank and bought two lottery tickets. Then I started to imagine what I would do of I win forty lac taka . If I win forty lac taka at first I will buy whatever my family needs. I will buy a house for my family. Then I will deposit some money with any bank for my future. I know that the remaining amount will not be sufficient for establishing any hospital or educational institutions. So I shall make arrangement foe higher studies of a poor student. Besides this I have long been cherishing the desire to visit some countries like Nepal , Switzerland and France. So with the rest of the money I shall travel these countries. Oh! I have forgotten to write one more thing. I will surely buy lots and lots of books also.