Monday, February 18, 2013


Education means something logical. What we get to change our life structure is known as education. What is productive is education. It is the fullest development of body, mind and soul. We acquire education for three reasons. We achieve it firstly for livelihood. Secondly for our mental exposure. And last of all we achieve it for a peaceful co-existence. When we feel that we need to change our mode of life as well as thinking and thought, we drive for education. It is truly compared to the backbone of a nation. The nation, that is educated, can stand straight as education is the key stone of development. The equality of education in our country is not scientific. It is still colonial. We can improve it by introducing scientific steps in our system of education. Without logical basis, no system of education can be improved. It is really necessary to improve our system of education because we are still backward. We need to go ahead. If our system of education is much improved, we can flourish ourselves as a prosperous nation. Really it is a burning question of the day.

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