Thursday, February 21, 2013


Friendship is something abstract idea. It cannot be seen but can be felt only. Friendship is not made, but born. Friendship is the precondition of lobe. Shakespeare says that friendship is a nameless address. It is the inherent instinct that is created out of the human heart. It is essential for life because it helps us live happily and peacefully. Without friendship life gets dull and gloomy. For our mental peace and satisfaction we need friendship. A true friend is one, who loves his friend truly and selflessly. There is no alternative to true friendship. It is the celestial gift of God. All the good things develop friendship. Honesty, love, good manners, education and so on develop friendship. Mutual understanding maintains friendship. Without having mutual understanding, there will be be friendship. A false friend does harm to the real friends. he is the fair weather friend. He is not a friend in need. He does not think good of his friend. He is jealous of his friend's betterment. That's why, a false friend must be avoided.

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