Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What is the Remedy and Prevention of Health Hazards Caused by Microbes?

Prevention and remedy of health hazards caused by microbes

For prevention and remedy of the diseases caused by Virus, Bacteria, Fungi and Entamoeba, a joint effort is needed to follow the rules of hygiene carefully. It should be kept in mind that a weak health runs the risk of being attacked by diseases. So everybody should take balanced diet regularly according to body need.

Only meat and fish cannot meet the demand of the balanced food. Only fish and meat can not fulfill the requirement of balanced diet. Taking vegetables and fruits along with these can fulfill the demand of balanced diet. Vitamins and mineral salts are important for maintaining good health and developing resistance against diseases. Next comes the use of sanitary latrine, cleaning and washing hands and mouth following health rules. Having regular nail cuts, brushing the tooth and taking bath using toilet soap is also very important for the prevention of diseases. Not spitting on the road, using masks or handkerchief while walking in dusty road and covering face with handkerchief while coughing and sneezing are good efforts for resisting spreading of germs. After wiping of cough with the handkerchief, it is essential to wash it on returning home. If possible you can use tissue paper for wiping cough. One should avoid using or coming in contact with usable things of the diseased persons. It is important that drinking water should be safe. To avoid cholera, Typhoid and bacterial diseases it is a must to take safe drinking water. We should use safe water for drinking, bathing, washing clothes and utensils. Water from arsenic free tube well is safe. Even clear water from ponds and rivers should be boiled properly before use. Man, animal and birds should be treated properly when they are ill. Birds with bird flue virus should be killed and buried under the soil. Cattle when suffer from mad cow or anthrax diseases should be killed because during its treatment other animals may be attacked with such diseases.


These are simplest organisms. Body maily composed of Protein and Nucleic Acid. If Nucleic acid gets out of protein coating they lose all characters of life. But it is interesting that if the constituents are gathered again they got the signs of life again.
Virus is true parasite that is they have no existence without living host. Outside of living host they do not show any signs of life

Virus may be round, rod shaped, tadpole like or bread shaped. Virus causes Pox, Measles, Sneezing, Influenza etc. in human body. Trungro of rice and mosaic diseases of tobacco caused by Virus. Pox, Measles, Sneezing, Influenza etc are airborne diseases.


We have learnt about bacteria in the previous class, now we are to have a
broader look. Bacteria is non green, unicellular microscopic Organisms with primitive
nucleus. Antony von Leuen Hoek found the for the first time. Bacteria cell may be rod
shaped, rounded, comma shaped or spiral.
Bacteria can be classified according to their
shape as follows

a. Coccus: Rounded shaped bacteria cell
are named as coccus. They remain
singly or in groups. Such as Pneumonia
causing Bacteria.
b. Bacillus: These are elongated rod shaped
bacteria. Tetanus, Blood Dysentery etc are caused by Bacillus.
c. Comma: Shaped like bend rod. Such as Bacteria causing Human Cholera.
d. Spirilum: Spiral Bacteria.

Usefulness of Bacteria: 

• Helps in decomposition of dead bodies and organic wastes.
• Only bacteria fixes nitrogen in the soil.
• Helps in removing jute fibres.
• Used in preparation of curds.
• Preparation of life saving Antibiotics.
• Very much important in Genetic engineering and in laboratory research.