Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Mother Land dear Bangladesh

Bangladesh is our motherland. The constitutional name is People Republic of Bangladesh. She got her independence in 1971 through a long bloody War of Independence. Bangladesh was a province of Pakistan. Then it was called as East-Pakistan. The people of Bangladesh were valiant and tried to free their motherland from the discriminatory treatment of the ruler of Pakistan. However Bangladesh got her independence and now she independent and sovereign country many other country. The land area of Bangladesh is 1,47,570 sq. kilometers. Though Bangladesh is small country, it is one of the most densely populated country in the world. According to the census of 2011 the total population is 160 million plus.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Gardening is one kind of hobby. It gives much pleasure and entertainment. When we pass our leisure, we generally work in the garden. It is an expression of refreshment and purity. My hobby is gardening. My garden is near our house. I prepared it very carefully. It is a fertile land and I cultivated it with proper manure so that I could grow up different flowers. I have protected it with fence. I fenced it all around very carefully so that no animal could enter it. There are different kinds of flowers in it. Among them rose, tube-rose, grass flowers and the liking. The flowers make my garden look wonderful. We can make garland for our festivals and occasions with these flowers. People come to me for flowers for their common uses. I fulfill their need. Infact, my garden is a great source of pleasure and recreation to me.


The Sundarbans is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world. The Sunderbans is a UNESCO World Heritage Site covering parts of Bangladesh and India. The name Sundarban can be literally translated as "beautiful forest" in the Bengali language (Shundor, "beautiful" and bon, "forest"). The name may have been derived from the Sundari trees that are found in Sundarbans in large numbers. Alternatively, it has been proposed that the name is a corruption of Samudraban ShomudrobĂ´n "Sea Forest") or Chandra-bandhe (name of a primitive tribe). However, the generally accepted view is the one associated with Sundari treesTwo-third of the Sundarbans is in Bangladesh while rest one-third is in India. The Sundarbans National Park is a National Park, Tiger Reserve, and a Biosphere Reserve located in the Sundarbans delta in the Indian state of West Bengal. Sundarbans South, East and West are three protected forests in Bangladesh. This region is densely covered by mangrove forests, and is one of the largest reserves for the Bengal tiger.The Sundarbans provides a unique ecosystem and a rich wildlife habitat. According to the 2011 tiger census, the Sundarbans have about 270 tigers. Although previous rough estimates had suggested much higher figures close to 300, the 2011 census provided the first ever scientific estimate of tigers from the area. Tiger attacks are frequent in the Sundarbans. Between 100 and 250 people are killed per year.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Cox's Bazar  is a town, a fishing port and district headquarters in Bangladesh. It is known for its wide sandy beach which is the world's longest natural sandy sea beach.It is an unbroken 125 km sandy sea beach with a gentle slope. It is located 150 km south of the industrial port Chittagong. Cox’s Bazar is also known by the name "Panowa," the literal translation of which means "yellow flower." Its other old name was "Palongkee." The modern Cox's Bazar derives its name from Captain Hiram Cox (died 1799), an officer serving in British India. An officer of the British East India Company, Captain Cox was appointed Superintendent of Palongkee outpost after Warren Hastings became Governor of Bengal. Captain Cox was specially mobilised to deal with a century-long conflict between Arakan refugees and local Rakhains. The Captain was a compassionate soul and the plight of the people touched his heart. He embarked upon the mammoth task of rehabilitating refugees in the area and made significant progress. A premature death took Captain Cox in 1799 before he could finish his work. But the work he had done earned him a place in the hearts of the locals, and to commemorate his role in rehabilitation work a market was established and named after him Cox's Bazar.Today, Cox's Bazar is one of the most-visited tourist destinations in Bangladesh, however it has yet to become a major international tourist destination, with no international hotel chains operating here, due to lack of publicity and transportation.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


(modified from Diana Hacker, A Writer’s Reference)

To show addition:
again, and, also, besides, equally important, first (second, etc.), further, furthermore, in addition, in the first place, moreover, next, too
To give examples:
for example, for instance, in fact, specifically, that is, to illustrate
To compare:
also, in the same manner, likewise, similarly
To contrast:
although, and yet, at the same time, but, despite, even though, however, in contrast, in spite of, nevertheless, on the contrary, on the other hand, still, though, yet
To summarize or conclude:
all in all, in conclusion, in other words, in short, in summary, on the whole, that is, therefore, to sum up
To show time:
after, afterward, as, as long as, as soon as, at last, before, during, earlier, finally, formerly, immediately, later, meanwhile, next, since, shortly, subsequently, then, thereafter, until, when, while
To show place or direction:
above, below, beyond, close, elsewhere, farther on, here, nearby, opposite, to the left (north, etc.)
To indicate logical relationship:
accordingly, as a result, because, consequently, for this reason, hence, if, otherwise, since, so, then, therefore, thus

What is Paragraph?

A paragraph is a series of sentences that are organized and coherent, and are all related to a single topic. Almost every piece of writing you do that is longer than a few sentences should be organized into paragraphs. This is because paragraphs show a reader where the subdivisions of an essay begin and end, and thus help the reader see the organization of the essay and grasp its main points.

Friday, August 3, 2012

An Honest Man

It is an abstract idea r to define an honest man. We can only say that an hones t man earns his living by working honest. He is an embodiment of purity and truthfulness. An honest man does not think of doing evil to others nor does he indulge in false pursuits. He never breaks his promise once made. We can differentiate an honest man from a dishonest one by his behavior, dealings and activities towards his follow beings. Lives of all great men remind us that their greatness was due to their honest. An honest man never stoops to any meanness or evil. He is true to his word. He does what says. He never    likes flattery. He sticks to his principles whatever challenge may come. He is a safe custodian of truth and justice. An honest man is usually a virtuous man. He always leads a plain and simple life. There is none but loves and respects him. An honest men is really a pride and glory of a society and a nation. The most honest men we have, the better is for the nation. So all of us should be honest and should follow the principles of honest in our day to day life. But it is a great regret that an honest man is now hardly found in our country and the world at large.

A Beggar

One who begs for alms is called a beggar. The beggar is common sight in Bangladesh. Beggars are different kinds some can walk, some limb, a few move on push carts. Begging is regarded as a serious social problem because it encourages idleness and apathy to work. Many find it easier to work. But majority of the beggars are homeless and hungry. Nobody employs them. The first thing that begging creates in a beggar is the loss of his sense of honour. There is no certainty in a beggar’s life. They do not have any definite place to live in. His home is wherever he sleeps. There are no fixed hours for his work. If the weather is inclement he suffers most. In fact, he is a man without fortune. He looks forward to the days of religious festivals when people are more charitable than other days. Reasons for begging are many. The unemployment problem and poverty are two main reasons. Arrangement should be made to turn them into a working force.

A Book Fair

A book fair is a fair for selling and displaying books. A book fair is usually arranged on the important days of a year. Sometimes any institution or a group of books are found on miscellaneous subjects. People from different sects come and gather here. Mainly literate people take interest in a book fair. Young boys and girls gather here to find out their favorite books. In a book fair there are different stalls of different publishers. Many publishers, poets, and writers come here. Besides selling and buying books, different cultural functions are held in a book fair. Even some stalls are found in a book fair to sell snacks, cigarettes and trifling items of daily necessities. Sometimes in a book fair some unpleasant incidents take place for the evil motive of the miscreants. So, the complete interest for the book fair is often marred. Anyway despite little untoward events, a book fair is very important for the enlightened section of people

A School Magazine

The school magazine is an annual or periodical publication of the school mostly written and contributed by the students. It plays an important role in ones school life. It is a forum through which our Juvenile learners can express the green ideas and imagination of their mind. In order to conduct the work of publication of the school magazine, at first a magazine committee is formed with the Head master as the Chairman and chief patron. The committee generally consists of nine members. Three of them are teachers and six are students. the Headmaster selects the editor from among the teachers. Both teachers     and students write in it. Generally poems, short stories, jokes, one-act plays, riddles and other writings relating to school affairs are published in the magazine. The editor at first invites writings from the teachers and the students for the magazine. After proper scrutiny and correction the best ones are selected and sent to the press for printing. The school magazine helps the young learners and writers to develop their latent faculties. It helps them develop their power of thinking and writing. It creates opportunities for one to become a writer and a poet in later life. In fact, the school magazine is the first stepping stone for the future writers.

A Moon Lit Night

A moon-lit-night is a pleasant and enjoyable night to us. Specially, when there is a full moon, the night appears before us with all her magnificent beauty. The moon then looks a disk of dazzling silver. Everything seems to be wrapped in silvery beam of the moon. It bathes the whole earth with her pleasant light. Rivers, canals and ponds seem to laugh in the splendid light of the moon. Everything looks bright. The moon-lit-night has a great influence on the mind of the people of all ages. The little children can hardly think of going to bed without enjoying the night. A newly married couple house and pass some hours outside to enjoy the beauties of the night. Elderly men and women also cannot keep indoors. They gather in the courtyard and pass several hours in gossiping. Poets and lovers of  Nature also f eel a thrill of joy in their hearts. Even the birds and beats come out   leaving their resting places to enjoy the beauty of the night. Of all Nature, a moon-lit- night is, perhaps, the most beautiful and attractive. It keeps away from the dullness of a night and makes us sublime in thoughts and deeds

A Stormy Night

A stormy night is really dreadful and horrible. It occurs specially in the month of chaitra and baishakh. In a stormy night the sky is overcast with clouds. The winds blows violently from all directions. Sometimes there is lighting occasionally thunders roar. People shudder in fear. Nature looks very gloomy. There is terrible sound all around. Roofs of houses are blown away. Trees are uprooted. It causes a great loss of life and property. People can not sleep. They utter the name of Allah and recite many lines of the holy Quaran. The people of other religion also remember the name of God. However a stormy night is a night of horror and destruction.

A Devastating Flood I Experienced

Bangladesh is a country which experience natural disaster almost every year. I experience various sports of natural disasters in my life as I am a son of this soil. Among all these calamities, the devastating flood in the year of 1988 is still, vivid in my memory. Eight --districts in the south-west of Bangladesh had been inundated seriously. The areas which were inundate had been out of flood. Almost all the trees were uprooted. All kinds of crops were damaged totally giving rise to a serious famine. The people of those districts became home less, shelter less and food less. Though the government and some other non-government organizations extended their helping hands towards the affected people many people died of starvation. There broke out diarrhea in an epidemic from following the food which also tool always many lives. I still get struck with horror when I remember the havoc caused by that food

A Postman

A postman is a familiar figure both in the towns and in the village. Even a child can instantly recognize him when he knocks at the door. He brings us news from our near and dear ones living at distant places. He works both in towns and in villages. He usually wears a khaki dress and carries on his soldiers a bag containing stamps, letters, post cards, parcels, money orders etc. though a postman is a low-great employee of the postal department, he performs a responsible job. His daily work begins with the sorting out of letters, parcels, money orders etc. in the post office. After having finished this job in the post office, he goes out on his beat to deliver them to their addressees. A town postman oft en drops letters into letterboxes or pushes them through some opening of the door. A village postman generally goes on his beat twice or thrice a week. He comes to the market place on hat days and delivers letters, parcels, money orders etc. to their respective addressees. A postman is really good man and a good friend to us. He performs his duties honestly and sincerely. He is hailed by every body and hated by one. We should feel for him, show honors to him and do something for his well-being.

A Bus Station

A bus station is a very important place to those who travel by bus from one place to another. It is a place where buses stop for sometime to facilitate the passengers to get in and to get down from them. Important bus stands, especially the bus stands in a city or, towns remain crowded throughout the day. Passengers are always found waiting there. When a bus stops at such a stand, there is an unusual bustle and hurry among the passengers. Some passengers hurry to get down from the bus, while passengers waiting for the bus want to get into it. As a result there is a great collision among the passengers. In such a situation the old and the weak find it difficult to get into or get down. The scene often goes so far that it seems passengers are fighting with one another to get in or to get down first. Taking advantage of this pickpockets sometimes pick the pockets of the passengers. Moreover, shouts of coolies, conductors, bus-helpers make the place noisier. These are the usual sights of a bus stand during the busy hours of the day. Besides, hawkers are often found busy selling their goods like cigarettes, betel-leaves, newspaper, fruits etc.

My First Day at a New School

My father is a Government employee. Once he was transferred to Khulna from Dhaka. This is why I also had to move there with my family. There I got myself admitted into Khulna Zilla School. But the school was totally unknown to me . I did not know anybody of the school. For this, I felt very nervous at the first day at school. My father took me to the school. At first we met the Headmaster. He was a very nice man. He behaved with me very cordially. He gave me much good advice. He assured me not to be class and introduced me to my classmates. They accepted me very friendly. As a result, I became happy. I cannot forget that day still now.

My Mother

My mother’s name is Afifa Begum. She is about thirty eight years old. She is a house wife and she works in our house and yard. Every day she looks after our family. She cleans the house and cooks food for us. She looks after the chickens and also sews our clothes. She is a member of Bangladesh Family Planning Association, Faridpur. She learns about rules of health and food there. She takes cars of our health and studies. She loves me and my little sister very much. We also love her heartily.

A Railway Station

A railway station is a place where different kinds of rails came, stand and start from. A railway station is a crowded and nosy place, Both passengers and coolies remain busy. There may be waiting room for the passengers. When a rail comes up, the passengers fall in a long line to get into it. Most of the rail found jam packed, Yet the passengers push one after another to get into it. Hawkers sill better leaf, cigarettes, newspapers, fancy items etc. Book stalls, fruit shops and tea-stall are also found here, Some evil doers often flock in the railway station and try to harm the passengers. A railway station however, plays an important role in communication sector of the country

A Village Garden

A suitable piece of land is needed for a vegetable garden. The piece of land must be sunny. Water must not stand on it during the rainy season, before planting vegetables the piece of land gas to be prepared well and removed from the soil. In a vegetables garden we can grow all sorts of vegetables in different seasons .vegetables are rich in food value and are essential for our good health .But green, yellow and leafy vegetables are the best source of vitamins and minerals . All sorts of vegetables should be planted in a vegetables garden. A vegetables garden is not very expensive/ So every family should have a vegetables garden.

Our Collage Canteen

A college canteen is a refreshment center for the students. It is necessary to have a canteen in the college premises. The food and snacks supplied by outside restaurants are usually sub standard and injurious to health. So, students can get hygienic food in the college canteen. Our college canteen is situated in the middle of the college. Students of all departments can go there whenever they need. The canteen is clean and there are a few students who remain in charge of keeping it clean. Some instructive posters are hung on the wall. Snacks of all types are sold here. Even tea, soft drinks are available here. The canteen is favorite to me because I like its clean environment and systematic service. It plays an important role in our college life. Students often discuss topics of their texts over a cup of tea in the college canteen. They thus utilize their leisure time in the canteen in a productive way.

If I Win A Lottery

Most of the people of the world get allured by the term ‘lottery’. And I am not an exception. Often I feel tempted to buy lottery tickets. I bought some lottery tickets last year but my luck did not favor me. Even then I like to buy lottery conducted by attracted by a banner which was an advertisement of lottery conducted by Sandhani. So I want to the nearby bank and bought two lottery tickets. Then I started to imagine what I would do of I win forty lac taka . If I win forty lac taka at first I will buy whatever my family needs. I will buy a house for my family. Then I will deposit some money with any bank for my future. I know that the remaining amount will not be sufficient for establishing any hospital or educational institutions. So I shall make arrangement foe higher studies of a poor student. Besides this I have long been cherishing the desire to visit some countries like Nepal , Switzerland and France. So with the rest of the money I shall travel these countries. Oh! I have forgotten to write one more thing. I will surely buy lots and lots of books also.

My Neighbors

We live in society as we are social beings. I have got different sorts of neighbors. Some are honest and some of them are dishonest. Some neighbors are co-operative while others are self-centered. Co-operative neighbors stand beside our family when ever we are in any problem. But some neighbors hardly react to our activities. One of our neighbors living above our flat is always disturbing us. Most of the time they make unnecessary sounds. In order to maintain good relation we never pretest their activities. But the neighbor living next to our flat is very much considerate and reasonable. They co-operate with us in every respect. We are fortunate enough to have a good soul like our next –door neighbor whom we can rely on in our need. We maintain peace with him and he also helps maintaining peace.

A Picnic that I Enjoyed

It was the month of December. My examination was over. I along with my friends decided to go on a picnic. It was a thrilling idea. We all were excited. We decided to go to a tea-garden in Sylhet. The garden was the home land of a friend. It was a short journey. We gathered at our school premises. We started our journey in the morning and reached the garden at about 10.00 a.m. We selected an open space which was shaded by trees. Then we proceeded to make arrangements for cooking our food. We brought all the equipments with us. Rima was in charge of cooking. We all assisted her. It took only two hours to prepare the delicious dishes. After taking our food and making a lot of enjoyments, we decided to return. We talked and danced gaily, we sang merrily, we laughed. In fact, we enjoyed the picnic very much. Before evening we got ready to start back. We also enjoyed on our way back home.

My Favorite English Teacher

I always feel a great attraction for English classes. I eagerly wait for the classes. The teacher who takes the class makes the lesson interesting. I enjoy the class because of his presentation. He motivates the students to learn English. He wants us to use our own English. He teaches us vocabulary so that we can speak English fluently. He makes us speak in the class. He feels that we are weak and that is why we seek his help. He tries to develop our skill. He dislikes cramming. He monitors the class regularly. I like him very much for his method of teaching. He takes a lenient view of the mistakes we commit. He expects the students to understand everything. I attend his classes regularly. I also feel joy attending his classes. I always try to be attentive in his classes. If I ever miss his class, I consider it a great loss.

A Railway Station

A railway station plays an important role in the system of train communication of a country. It is a place where trains stop to take in and t o d r op down passengers and goods. If it is a big station, it remains busy almost all the time of the day and night. Every station has one or more platforms for the passengers in order to facilitate them to get into or to get down from the train. In every station there is at least a building that usually made of red bricks which is called station house. The building has several rooms which are used as a booking office, ticket counters, and waiting rooms for passengers. Besides, there are rooms for stationmaster rooms for officer on duty and so on. The stationmaster is all in all in a station. He is assisted by number of other staffs, railway police and guards. The passengers willing to travel by train collect their tickets from the ticket counter. The ticket counter generally opens half an hour before the arrival of the train. When a train arrives the whole station area turns into a noisy place. Some passengers hurry to get down from the train, at the same time passengers waiting for the trains want to get into it. As a result, a collision of two groups of passengers often takes place. In this time coolies are also found busy carrying luggage’s of the passengers. As soon as the train leaves, the station sinks into silence and turns into a deserted place.

My Best Friend

A friend is one, who has the feelings of friendship. We can't go in this age of global relationship without friendship. A good friend is a heavenly bliss to us. I have a good friend. He is Rebel by name. I have known him for more than seven years. At school from a hard quarrel our friendship started. He quarreled with me for a specific ground, but I was very cruel to him. Even I hit him seriously, but he didn't take it otherwise. In spite of reverse attitude, he remained calm and quiet. It pulled me near him and at last, he has become my best friend. He is a boy of mild nature. He doesn't talk to others unnecessarily. He doesn't harm others. There are many good qualities in him. Honesty, modesty, politeness, sincerity, mildness, orientation to reading books and the liking are the qualities available in my friend. The feelings that he shows me is undoubtedly genuine and bonafide. This great feeling of friendship made us two best fiends. Infact, we are apples of eyes of each other.

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